Designing green experiences

Meet Het Groenlab
RE-LOVE and RE-CONNECT with nature.


Het Groenlab is a playground and laboratory for getting inspired by green and surrounding yourself with green. We believe that green cities in a greener world are most important for the future. Het Groenlab wants you to RE-LOVE and RE-CONNECT with nature. Let us inspire you with plants and flowers through design, interiors, food, fashion, and more. Green is more than just plants.

Judith Baehner, stylist, author, plant-guru, plant-architect, plant-poet, designer, and teacher is founder of Het Groenlab where she shares her passion for green. She combines her experience as an editor and stylist for magazines with her passion for plants to create inspiring and inventive green experiences. Her designs, articles, books, pictures, videos, lectures, workshops, and plantings are stylish and personal. Judith wants to inspire you to love all things green as much as she does. She wants to show you how easy it is to grow plants and enjoy them. All across Europe she leads talks and workshops in which you can really feel her passion and her story. Alongside the work in the ‘lab’, Het Groenlab helps individuals and companies create green living and working spaces for a happier and healthier lives. The plantings made by Het Groenlab are about cultivating personal spaces, and are planted with love and care.


Writing: In the last 5 years Judith has written many books and articles about plants and food. In April 2015 the book Het Plantenlab was published by Forte Groen, and in October 2016 Wonderplants was released both in Dutch and English by Lannoo Publishing . Only a year later, Groen-in-Glas (Forte Groen) was published detailing the all about terrariums and more. Shortly after that in June 2018, Lannoo launched Wonderplants 2, a follow up to the successful bestseller Wonderplants.

Judith’s desire to get her friends and the world reconnected with green and plants inspired her first book Het Plantenlab. To better share the wonder and magic of plants, she started to make sustainable mini-ecosystems in bottles for those who did not have green thumbs. As her love for these bottles, these terrariums, grew she started to produce them for Het Groenlab. First came the ‘Bottle Gardens’ and the ‘Jar Gardens’ and then last year the ‘Originals’ where born. These are splendid terrariums made in old bottles, each with a their own individual story. To better make and cultivate these bottle gardens, Judith even developed her own hand-forged tools with the Dutch family company Sneeboer. All the designs are unpretentious but elegant, and are derived from a sensitivity to personal needs of the indoor gardener. Concept stores all over Europe sell these thoughtful tools and bottle based plant creations. They are available to order through Het Groenlab’s online store. (check link, na online zetten)