How to make a terrarium in a bottle

With our DIY startkit you can make your own terrarium in a bottle.  

This is what you need:

  • 1 DIY kit

Thoroughly clean the bottle with lukewarm water, perhaps with a little bleach or cleaning vinegar. Don’t use hot water as the bottle can burst. Use a tool with a piece of scourer on the end to clean the inside if necessary. For bottles with a curve you can bent or break the bamboo stick. Rinse the bottle well and let it dry. Now put the first layer in the bottle with the funnel and the piece of pipe: the small stones or pebbles. This layer takes care of drainage. About 2 cm is enough. Put the second layer on the stones or pebbles with the funnel and the tube: the active carbon or ground charcoal. With this layer, small impurities that can cause fungi and diseases, will have less chance to develop. Because of this the bottle and with that the plants will remain healthy. Now the potting compost can be put in the bottle. Use the funnel without the pipe. Make this layer high enough so the plants will fit in well. Think of a layer of 5 centimetres minimum. Press the compost lightly. If the layer sinks too much by the pressing, add some more compost. After the layer of compost the plants can be put in. For a small bottle you only need two, for a bigger one you can use more.  Dig holes with a spoon for the plants on well chosen spots in the bottle. Preferably not in the centre, because that will leave not much space for the other plants. Now pieces of moss can be put on the compost. These you can lay on the compost, and slightly press. Moss is good for the balance in your bottle. In addition, it’s also beautiful and grows very well. Water the plants, not too much but just enough so the compost is slightly damp. Then let the bottle acclimatise and breathe for a week before your cork is put on. Check after a week if the compost is still slightly damp, and if necessary add some water. Then half close the bottle, and let the bottle balance-out. After two weeks you can close the bottle. If the bottle has too much condensation you open the bottle a little. Some condensation is very normal and not harmful anyway. At the beginning you can still open the bottle when necessary, after that you better keep it closed.

Do you want to learn more about Terrariums? The Dutch book ‘Groen in Glas’ might be something for you.

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