Stories of a forest

Stunning and each and every piece has its own story. Designer Geoffrey Fisher makes beautiful and sustainable products from wood that he finds in the woodlands of Buckinghamshire. As each trook (the natural forks created by trees as they grow) is truly unique, all the products are one of a kind. By looking at the shapes and forms of twigs and branches Geoff knows what they should become. Using woodworking techniques, he learned himself out of love for wood, he transforms the pieces of wood into elegant functional products. In a trook he sees a catapult, another branch with beautiful bark is perfect for the handle of a brush or tabletop dustpan.’ A beautiful process of recycling’ :he says. I think they are all pure poetry. When I discovered the brushes I instantly fell in love with the beautiful shapes and forms and asked Geoff if he could make them for my shop.

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